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Online Reputation Management is for businesses who need to protect their brand online. If a prospective customer searches for a brand, Google will deliver results that not only include the brands website and social media channels, but also 3rd party review sites.

Just one bad review can have enormous consequences for a business, and if there’s more than one, then that business could be in real trouble.

Star PR’s SEO and Digital team can implement a multi-faceted strategy that solves the problem of negative reviews for any business. Below is a list of tactics our team has successfully used on many occasions, and by combining all of them you have an Online Reputation SEO monster!

Website Optimization

The first stage of any Online Reputation SEO campaign to to audit the entire website and optimize every page. Many businesses don’t realise the amount of “real estate” they can occupy on Page 1 by having a highly optimized website and internal pages.

Take a look at a brand search for Amazon. Not only does their Homepage appear organically at #1 position, but their internal pages are also displayed. With each row of internal pages that are displayed, one less organic position is listed on Page 1. So if you have a negative review that appears with your branded search, the more internal Site links that are displayed, the further down the negative reviews are displayed, eventually dropping to Page 2.

Image Optimization

Image Optimization is incredibly powerful. Similar to video’s, a well optimized collection of images that belong to a brand, displayed on their website or shared throughout the web have the power to appear in search engine results along with the brand website, and thus occuplying up to two organic positions in SERP’s and knocking any negative review further down the rankings.

Take a look at this branded search for Cambridge University. The images associated with this branded search appear on Page 1, and take up two organic search positions.

Video Optimization

Many businesses underestimate the power their video’s can give their brand, as well as help protect their reputation.

By optimizing all video’s associated with a brand, and optimizing the channels and accounts those videos are hosted through, Star PR can ensure that video links take up further real estate in search engine results, and thus push any negative article further down the rankings.

Web Design/Blog Development

In very competitive sectors, sometimes it is necessary to create one or more new websites/blogs from scratch in order to rank the new site on Page 1 and push any negative review further down the search results.

By writing unique text copy, and fully optimizing the entire site, a completely new blog can rank extremely quickly, especially if promoted and endorsed at an official level by the business or brand in question.

Social Media Optimization

Social Media is big business! Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LINE, Pinterest, Tumblr, LinkedIn, nowadays there are multiple channels that a business can establish a presence on.

By auditing and optimizing a businesses social media channels, Star PR can ensure as many social channels as possible appear at the top of search engine results, thus populating Page 1 with domains and channels under your own control, as well as knocking any negative review sites further down the rankings.


Wikipedia is immensely powerful. At some point you will have searched for something online, and the very first result you see will be a Wikipedia page discussing the subject.

By creating a new Wikipedia article, or optimizing an existing one for a business or brand, we can ensure that a positive wiki article populates at least one organic position in search engine results.

Public Relations

For businesses in very competitive sectors, or with multiple negative reviews, it is sometimes necessary to integrate some PR work in to a digital reputation management campaign.

By creating a unique, well researched, well written article for a business and having it published in a respected journal or online publication, that article will rank among Page 1 rankings for a branded search, and help populate Page 1 with positive links and push any negative reviews or articles further down.

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