Local SEO/Google Maps

Local SEO is a campaign specifically focused on optimizing a website, Google Plus+ and Google Business profiles for businesses who wish to be found at the top of Google for their “keyword + location” search.

This is often a hugely overlooked part of SEO, particularly if it is integrated with an advanced SEO campaign and Link building/acquisition work. If the campaign is executed successfully, a business has the opportunity to appear twice on Page 1, as one of three listing in the Google Map section, and below in the organic listings as you can see Star PR is doing below in the screenshot for our main keyword “PR Agency Bangkok“.

We recommend a Local SEO/Google Maps campaign to any B2C business, particularly if its physical store location is an important or essential part of day to day business. If you’re launching a new business here in Thailand, or even if you’re well established but looking to raise your online presence and digital profile, get in touch with Bangkok’s award-winning SEO Company, Star PR, and let us put you on the map.

Google Local/Map Optimization

The first stage is to create a Google Plus+ profile and submit your businesses address, contact details and information to Google, as well as optimized images of your business signboard, logo, building location, exterior and interior so Google’s team can verify your business is legitimate and worthy of a Map listing.

Website Optimization

Star PR’s SEO team will then run a full audit of your website and identify all areas for improvement and identify any inaccuracies with your business address, as well as additional content and semantic SEO work that helps your users and search engines know exactly where you are.

Citation Building

The last stage in a Local SEO/Maps campaign is to ensure your businesses NAP )Name, Address and Phone Number) can be found in all the usual high profile directories and listings for reputable businesses. e.g. True Local, Yellow Pages etc.

Case Study: Local SEO/Map Optimization

Let’s take a look at the way we have designed our Contact Us page, not only is there a Google Map embedded with a verified Google API key with all information 100% correct, but we have also written clear to follow instructions on how to find our office, with semantic SEO keywords carefully placed.

When we talk about semantic SEO, consider our business and location. Our business is PR and SEO, among other digital services, and we offer these in Bangkok and Thailand. In order to appear in the map listings for “SEO Company Bangkok” or “PR Agency Bangkok”, we have optimized our ‘Contact Us” text to include address anchors that Google will instantly recognize and associate with our location such as “BTS Nana”, “Landmark Hotel”, “Sukhumvit Road” and “One Pacific Place”. By including these location markers, we’re not only being helpful to our clients and users, but we are sending clear signals to Google about our address that all goes to influence the Map rankings.

Not only is our information correct across our entire site, but the information is also matched on all of our social media channels, as well as Directory listings and citation work. All this, together with an optimized Google Plus+ profile, results in Star PR being listed in the very competitive Map listing section of search engine results, as one of only three results. See below for details, and don’t forget to check out one of the most comprehensive Local SEO Checklist by the Moz team to see that we were telling the truth :-)

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Star PR offers tailored SEO Campaigns specifically for businesses who want to optimize their websites for local searches, and searches that include "Product/Service + Location" which invariably bring up Google Map/Google My Business listings.