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As one of the leading Digital agency’s and SEO Company in Bangkok, we offer CRO services to those clients who require the very best from their website.

We can tailor any campaign to suit your needs. But by integrating SEO with Public Relations, Social Media and Conversion Rate Optimization, we can ensure the buzz around your brand, that your website is at the top of search engines when they go looking for you, and how to get the most benefit from the traffic when they do come…

CRO Services

Conversion Rate Audit

It’s essential we understand everything about your business if we’re going to push it forward.

Putting ourselves in the shoes of multiple demographics, we run a full audit of your website and interact with every page, every link, every CTA (Call-to-Action),every video and every image. By comparing our results with your Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools we can identify the strengths and weaknesses of your website, and put a strategy in place that works.

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UI/UX Design

Some website require far more work than others. In some cases, an entire new site is recommended, particularly if its an old site that is now competing in a far more competitive sector, whereas others simply need a little tweaking and dash of creativity,

Our Web Design team and Digital specialists will work together with you to deliver a website that serves your clients with the information they need, or the products they want, in the most user friendly, efficient, sales focused way.

E-Commerce CRO

Due to the nature of e-commerce, and the competitiveness, no other website sector needs Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) more.

People take shopping, particularly online, very seriously indeed. If you want your users to find themselves at your Checkout screen and confidently input their Credit Card details into your website to place an order, you need to carefully design the path that leads them there.

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Heat Mapping Bangkok Agency

Heat Maps/User Behaviour

Our team use Crazy Egg and other CRO tools to monitor your websites traffic and their On-site behaviour. Not only is it fascinating to know the areas that attract the most attention, but it is invaluable knowledge that we can use to put your most important products and services above the fold and where the most people are going to see and click.

A/B & Multivariate Testing

A/B Testing involves creating one or more versions of the same website, and splitting the site traffic equally between the sites. In time, this allows you to see which website is performing better than others, which has the higher bounce rate, which is receiving inquiries but not converting? A/B testing often raises more questions than it answers, but it is an essential step for any business that is serious about gaining the most from every one of their users.

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CRO Case Studies, Links and Resources

One of the best lists of Conversion Rate Optimization case studies was by Kissmetrics, who researched an incredible 100 examples of CRO Studies, looking at everything from e-commerce heat mapping, A/B testing for Games websites to UI/UX design for web hosting companies.

There is of course of Moz’s (no Star PR list would be complete without Moz) Definitive Guide to Conversion Rate Optimization which is a great article for those looking to research the subject and understand more before engaging a Digital agency or SEO Company for help. Or you can check out the whole CRO category and see if there is a specific article that catches your eye. has also published a fantastic 71 Point Checklist for Conversion Rate Optimization that you should check out.

There is also a superb article from Brian Dean at Backlinko who explains in very easy to understand terms how a webmaster or budding blogger might carry out Conversion Rate Optimization themselves, with over 100 examples and useful links, this CRO article is an incredible digital resource.

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