PR and SEO in Bangkok – What the future holds…

It’s no secret the two worlds of PR and SEO are merging, and the distinction between the two disciplines is increasingly blurred. The subject has been covered in Forbes, PR Week and Moz to name a few, but its amazing how few PR Agencies and SEO Companies have cottoned on.

With the digital and mobile age very much upon us, more and more activity occurs online, especially with accessing information! When was the last time you looked up Cinema times in the newspaper or searched for a plumber or electrician in the Yellow Pages book? Local SEO and search engines ability to rapidly deliver essential information to a users search has made the practices of old obsolete.

In the old days before the advent of the Internet, PR was about the distribution of information and the painting of brands or products in a positive light via print media, radio and advertising. Depending on the campaign and the brand this was often a shotgun spray and pray style tactic as there was no way of ensuring the PR agency reached the intended user. Now, with blogs and websites dedicated to every possible niche imaginable, and Social Media reaching every corner of the world, PR agencies must now target the user and consumer directly with content created just for them, and report metrics such as conversions, traffic, impressions, social shares and likes back to the client.

In a similar vein with SEO ten years ago, every Website owner, SEO expert and his dog were scrambling around to build as many links as possible that pointed back to their site, quality didn’t matter, the only thing that did was the Page Rank and whether the link was dofollow. As Google and other search engines evolved and matured and got wise to this practice, SEO’s found themselves waking up to a brave new world where this method not only didn’t cut it anymore, but risked their Website dropping out of search engines completely due to malpractice. In order for them to continue, they had to think more like professional marketers, creating content of the upmost quality that the intended reader or user will want to see, and then networking and reaching out so they could place their content in channels and on websites that are dedicated or related to the subject and will serve the end user.

These are very vague comparisons I hear you say… let’s get a little more in depth.
Take this blog post for example, an article placed on a website that offers both PR and SEO. By writing this, am I engaging in Public Relations or Search Engine Optimization? Well first and foremost I am trying to write an interesting article, this should ALWAYS be paramount. But running an equal second I want to not only inform the world of our services, but I also want this website to rank in search engines for both services in our native city and country of Bangkok, Thailand. The same article is serving both purposes.

Now let us imagine, an SEO Company is tasked with taking a brand new Website to the top of Google as quickly as possible, adhering to all Google guidelines and best practices. After optimizing every possible On-site factor, they come to the essential but often headache inducing Off-site. The company has two choices. The first is to manually and laboriously attempt to build link after link (like 99% of outdated SEO Companies do), placed inside articles with the most tenuous relevance to the Websites industry or keyword, just relevant enough to avoid a Google penalty but not quite enough to really engage a reader and warrant genuine interaction or perhaps even a share or recommendation.

Now imagine that same SEO Company has woken up and smelled the coffee, not only embracing the latest techniques of 2016, but even pioneering some of their own. Let us consider an alternative approach.
With the same Website and same Keyword, the SEO Company instead decides to think outside the box and use its creative team to research every possible shred of information about the product or service. Looking at everything from its history, its practice, its consumption, its use to its future, and then collating anything from hard data, statistics to public opinion and visual media. With all this now at their disposal, they brainstorm every possible shoulder niche that relates to the Website and Industry, creating a piece of content that might answer the most essential question, or provide an insight never before thought of, or showcase the product in a way never before executed by the clients competitors, and present this in the form of a video or infographic or case study that captures an audience interested in the subject. Once this content is complete and with the all-important link to the clients’ website, all it takes is a few well targeted posts on the most popular of Social Media sites and niche blogs, perhaps a couple of emails to a key-influencer or connection and that single piece of content could be viral in a matter of days! Shared and liked by thousands of social media users, picked up and posted by national Newspapers and industry leaders, and linked to by anyone that wants to be useful to its audience. This method is not only making the power of the Internet work for you and the client, but delivering content and building links in a way that is 100% organic and adored by Google and other search engines. PR Agencies do this all the time, but most SEO’s don’t.

Welcome to Star PR, SEO Company and PR Agency, Bangkok, Thailand. Doing things the way they SHOULD be done….