SEO in Bangkok, Thailand

With the official release of Penguin 4.0 Star PR thought we should educate our readers on the implications it has for businesses, and what to do moving forward…

For years SEO Companies not just in Bangkok but all around the world have been building very low quality links for their clients and passing it off as premium quality link building. With Google’s latest Penguin update, specifically targeting their link algorithms and punishing websites that have engaged either in black-hat SEO or low quality link building, businesses now need to be very careful about whether they continue to use the same SEO Companies, particularly if they’ve noticed a drop in their rankings since the end of September.

Rand Fishkin of the Moz team wrote a great article about targeted Link Building and what a real backlink should look like in 2016, and going forward into 2017.

One of the things that Star PR does differently to almost every SEO Company in Bangkok is the quality of the content we provide our SEO clients. Everyone knows that “Content is King”, but few people consider the importance of context and relevance, and where content is placed is actually just as, if not more important. In fact you could say, if content is King, then context is Queen. When we talk about context and relevance, you need to look at not only the type of website an article/link is being placed, but the semantic copy that surrounds the link. The more targeted and relevant the page and website is to the client, the more “SEO Backlink juice” is transferred and the more Google and other search engines will like you.

As a PR agency in Bangkok for over 10 years, we are effectively a 27 strong team of professional content writers. By integrating our PR expertise with our SEO services, our website specialists and SEO Campaigns are supported by exceptional content for both On-site and Off-site work, as well as content marketing and outreach via our network of media contacts in Bangkok and Thailand.

Social Media is also a huge ranking factor that search engines use to determine the relevancy and authority of a website. If two businesses sell the same product, but one has 100 followers and the other has 1,000,000 followers, Google will naturally consider the latter to be far more authoritative in the industry and be more likely to display the linked website higher in the search engine results (SERP’s) than its competitor. This is especially true if a Facebook page is constantly posting fresh, interesting content that captures peoples attention and sends users and followers to the website, this is due to Google and search engines considering traffic and bounce rate a massive ranking factor.

Whether you need a bespoke Local SEO Campaign, a specialized Online Reputation Management campaign or an all-round SEO Strategy to boost your online visibility, Star PR can handle the PR, Social Media, Digital Marketing and SEO for your business at a level that no agency in Bangkok could match.

For more information on Google Penguin Update 4.0, click here